The Nine Fruits of Finance



In The Nine Fruits of Finance, JaNean Stubbs-Taylor teaches us how to address the intangible emotional connections associated with finances — intangible emotional connections much like the Nine Fruit of the Spirit. While we cannot touch, feel, smell, hear or taste the fruits, when they are present, we know of their existence. These nine fruits have penetrated new ground in personal finance by approaching it from a spiritual and emotional point of view. During these unprecedented financial times, JaNean teaches us how to Defeat Financial Fears, Accept Financial Accountability, Identify Financial Streams, Plug Financial Leaks, Repair Financial Conditions, Improve Financial Discipline, Discover Financial Contentment while… Releasing Financial Empowerment into the future through… Executing faithfully the knowledge acquired. Through each phase of Financial Fruits, JaNean presents an attainable strategy through hands-on tools, resources, and applications designed to educate, equip and empower every reader, at every age.


The Nine Fruits of Finance


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