The Nine Fruits of Finance Workbook



The Nine Fruits of Finance Workbook Manual is designed to complement the book, The Nine Fruits of Finance. It is designed to teach you the foundational skills and decision-making techniques required to make sound financial choices. This workbook is developed to be a building block, serve as a reference in releasing financial strongholds, and a road map to experiencing financial freedom. The tools and resources will prepare you for both the current and future economic environments in financial management and empowerment. The Nine Fruits of Finance Workbook Manual actively involves you. You will be engaged in learning hands-on, grassroots applications throughout each new Financial Fruit introduced. The execution of each tool and resource will measure your level of understanding of the content before embarking upon the next Financial Fruit. This level of involvement and engagement will increase your financial awareness, which will facilitate your ability to apply the workbook’s content in every aspect of your finances. Each question has been derived from the associated chapter where most answers can be located. Most importantly, other responses will come from the execution of the tools and resources, experience, application, and outcomes of the reader’s desire to develop extraordinary finance.


The Nine Fruits of Finance Workbook


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