Does Money Really Grow on Trees?



If the only thing your children know about money is how to spend it, it’s time to teach them a different lesson. This Fruits of Finance-Youth Edition by JaNean Stubbs-Taylor is a thorough financial guide for kids and features relevant money principles and lessons. This book will help explain how money is created, passed around the world, and used by adults AND kids alike.    It explains the inception and functions of banks, types of accounts (checking and savings), why and when to save, as well as the components of a check.  From this book, our youth will learn how to create a budget, know the difference between a credit, debit and even a gift card. In addition to learning about donating to a charity, advice is given on understanding the difference between needs and wants, investing, becoming an entrepreneur, and sharing the wealth. Does Money Really Grow on Trees? will help your child to make wise choices about money; a priceless gift that will greatly impact the rest of their lives.

Does Money Really Grow on Trees?


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