J.S. Taylor Consulting, LLC

Meet the visionary behind the brand.

JaNean Stubbs-Taylor MS, NCIF, CBCA® is the Founder and CEO of J. S. Taylor Consulting, LLC. JaNean’s philosophy is the key to success is in achieving Kingdom Financial Provision. With over 30+ years of experience at the senior leadership level in the commercial banking and the non-profit sectors, JaNean has extensive experience in assisting her clients in achieving optimum financial goals, identifying techniques to expand resources, navigating from cash flow to over-flow and maximizing borrowing solutions.

A dynamic force to be reckoned with, JaNean is admired by colleagues and clients alike. Known for her unrelenting tenacity, unapologetic integrity, and irrefutable consistency, she is widely respected in the world of finance.  As a seasoned entrepreneur, she is also the Managing Member of  III-Fold Transport, LLC, and the owner of Fruits of Finance (FOF) and the “Wear What You Declare” financial apparel line.

JaNean is a published author with multiple works in her catalog: her first book and accompanying workbook, “The Nine Fruits of Finance,” a practical guide to obtaining and managing wealth; her first children’s book, “Does Money Really Grow on Trees?”, dedicated to planting seeds that will properly shape youth understanding of money; and her latest book, “Entrepreneurs of Excellence”, Practical Principles for a Prosperous Business, crafted from her love of entrepreneurship.

A Maryland native, JaNean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s of Science in Strategic Finance. Her thirst for knowledge and achievement also led her to pursue and master her accreditation as a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Certified Corporate Credit Analyst.

Need help? We are here to serve!

J. S. Taylor Consulting, LLC is a professional commercial financial planning and consulting firm providing customized financial solutions, leadership coaching, non-profit consulting and leadership training and development. In addition to providing comprehensive financial services, we bring clients nearly 30 years of experience in administering financial growth strategies, complex lending solutions, and more. Our mission is to support faith-based leaders and business owners in achieving financial goals through comprehensive tailored solutions aligned with the priorities, preferences, goals, and timelines of those we serve.


Our Pledge

Our Pledge of Process, Integration and Execution serves as our fundamental foundation to achieving financial goals for those we serve.

  • Value- We help strengthen and refine the value proposition for our clients.
  • Process- We identify and implement process elements that embody our client’s goals. 
  • Integration- We connect efforts to support change across all business channels.
  • Execution- We help translate visions and strategies into proven demonstrated deliverables.
Our Core Values and Culture supports our mission of financial growth and stability; encompassing both transparency and the holistic education of clients, and we believe we can fulfill this mission best in an environment that allows all clients to thrive personally and professionally. To this end, J S Taylor, operates in accordance with three core values: exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

Our Core Values

Exceptional Care

We invite clients to “come as you are” and let them know that “J S Taylor has a place for you.” Care means that we strive always to “see” the business in front of us — their strengths and weaknesses, struggles and triumphs, past and potential, and inherent dignity and worth. This does not mean that we set low expectations or make excuses for poor financial results. Instead, our commitment to exceptional care means that we set the bar high and provide challenging, honest conversations and feedback because we are deeply invested in seeing every business achieve financial growth and stability.

Exceptional Accountability

We are strongly committed to working ethically and effectively. We approach each opportunity to partner from a position of integrity, knowing that everything we do can help or hinder a positive client experience. We honor the resources and mandates we have been entrusted with and strive always to do our best to honor that trust. We respect confidentiality and seek to understand and fulfill our responsibilities as a trusted advisor.

Exceptional Results

We are committed to creating customized opportunity for each client. Our engaged solutions, services, partnerships address the intellectual and practical needs of our client’s priorities and preferences. We seek to prepare our clients to thrive in a rapidly changing economy and an interdependent, complex world. We aspire to greatness in all that we do, while also measuring progress against rigorous metrics that show our clients are proven competent and ethical professionals.

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